dentistry The Isolite Dryfield Illuminator Helps Us Provide Better Care. In our practice, we utilize the award-winning Isolite™ Dryfield Illuminator to improve our dentistry and our patients' safety and comfort.

With Isolite, procedures are quicker so patients spend less time in the chair.

Isolite also increases patient safety and comfort. Instead of straining to keep the mouth open, the patient's mouth is comfortably held open with a soft bite block, so the patient experiences less jaw fatigue. Instead of having to ask for suction during the procedure, the patients' oral cavity is continuously freed of excess fluids.

In addition, the Isolite provides an added measure of safety by protecting the patient's tongue, cheek and throat throughout the dental procedure.

This also helps protect the patient from the mercury released during amalgam removal. It's a great new innovation in dentistry and we are proud to offer it to our patients.

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