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Instant Orthodontics Orthodontic braces are most desirable for people under the age of 18. At this stage in life, the bone is more malleable, teeth move easier and are more likely to stay in place once the bone remodels around the newly positioned teeth.

Many adults also wear braces, however, they are most likely to wear them for a longer period of time, and require a permanent retainer to hold the new positioning. Braces also require numerous office visits in addition to the general hassles of wearing braces. Braces may reposition teeth but will not affect the shape and color of the teeth which may or may not be desirable.

For many adults, changing their smile through cosmetic dentistry has significant advantages over choosing traditional orthodontics.

In as little as two appointments, your smile can be straightened, teeth length can be restored, color, shape and contour can all be corrected and balanced to harmonize with your face and smile. Many busy adults today just don't have the time for the many office visits required with traditional orthodontics.

The option of instant orthodontics through cosmetic dentistry certainly is a treatment to consider for the best and most convenient overall results!

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