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High Tech Dentistry When it comes to your smile, you don't need a crystal ball to see the future. Dental imaging is undergoing one of the largest changes since the discovery of X-rays with digital imaging, one of the most exciting new technologies transforming dentistry. With digital cameras, images can be viewed immediately. This allows early detection of problems and convenient dental record keeping. Digital imaging is becoming one of the most convenient replacements for the old system of slowly drawing a patient's teeth on a chart. Digital images can be printed out onto photographic paper and burned on disk for storage and transportation.

The technology is straightforward. Using technologically advanced digital cameras we will gather both your interior and exterior oral images and using special digital imaging software create full color images for documentation and patient viewing purposes.

Perhaps most importantly for you, digital imaging gives you the ability to preview cosmetic possibilities on your own smile. Almost everyone has seen what a digital imaging can do for a movie, now see what it can do for your smile! Digital imaging is a great way to preview your smile before having any work done. What a creative way to conduct a consultation! We will photograph your smile, then perform any procedure like veneer application or whitening in vivid virtual reality. This way we can work with you to carefully design your ultimate smile.

Digital imaging and our artistic touch let you discover how a range of aesthetic treatments will affect your appearance. Don't rely on your imagination, or even on our choices for you. See your make over with your own eyes-before it even begins. This means that you have active involvement in the decisions of how your smile will look as you consider your treatment options.

It's your smile's future and digital imaging is a lot more accurate than a crystal ball.

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