What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Resin or Tooth Colored Fillings

Aiea cosmetic dentistryCosmetic Dentist HonoluluResin fillings, also referred to as composite, white fillings or bonding, can make a substantial improvement in the appearance of the teeth in a short period of time. Resin is what dentists use to repair small cavities or chips in front teeth, as well as fill cavities cosmetically in back teeth. Resin can do virtually the same thing as porcelain veneers with respect to improving the appearance of the teeth. Using resin instead of porcelain veneers for cosmetic dentistry saves time and money, however there are disadvantages with resin. They are not as strong as porcelain veneers, and require repairs every few years. Resin can discolor over time, and does not have as much natural beauty as porcelain veneers. Resin cosmetic procedures can usually be completed in about an hour.


Honolulu Cosmetic Dentistcosmetic dentistry Honolulu A bonded-bridge can replace a missing tooth in far less time and for less money than a porcelain bridge or an implant. It is basically a resin or porcelain tooth with resin or metal wings on each side of it. It is ideal for a missing tooth in the front of the mouth, where biting forces are not that strong. The procedure involves removing a small amount of the inside of the teeth on either side of the missing one and then taking an impression or mold. The laboratory makes the bonded-bridge, which can then be adhered to the backs of the teeth surrounding the missing one.

I prefer the all resin bonded bridge because it is more esthetic (no metal shows through and grays the surrounding teeth) and does not fall out and have to be re-cemented nearly as much as a metal bonded-bridge.


Gum-lifts (gingivectomy) involve the removal of gum to make the teeth appear longer, and the gum-line even. People who have excess gum covering the front teeth and an upper lip that comes up high when they smile are often self-conscious about their gummy smile. An uneven gum-line can make the teeth appear to have different lengths, which takes away from the appearance of an attractive smile.

To correct these problems, the dentist numbs the area and removes the excess gum. The patient is instructed to use an antiseptic mouth rinse such as Peridex on a Q-tip and apply upward pressure on the gums as they heal. The procedure is not painful, but some mild discomfort can be expected a day or two after the procedure. The gum is not damaged due to the procedure as long as the dentist has experience, and removes the proper amount. The procedure can usually be completed in about 30 minutes.


Honolulu cosmetic dentistrycosmetic dentistry HonoluluOrthodontics or braces can improve the appearance of teeth in children and adults who have crooked teeth or teeth with wide gaps. Having teeth moved with braces is very time consuming, requires multiple visits (at least twenty) and can be uncomfortable. It is most useful for children to straighten their teeth. The procedure can improve the appearance of the face and jaw during growth.

I sometimes recommend braces to my adult patients for cosmetic reasons, but very few are interested. They would rather use other cosmetic options that get results faster, usually within two weeks, and often for less money.

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